Devon Grant
Heroine, Jilted
Age: 28
Hair: Long, chestnut brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation:  Investment Banker
Favorite Place in PH: The beach –loves the ocean 
Known For: Math whiz, Mrs. Brewster’s pet student, always smiling, never cries
Significant Other: Josh Brewster
Role In Wedding: Guest

Josh Brewster
Hero, Jilted
Age: 30
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Amber
Occupation:  Firefighter
Favorite Place in PH: Barney’s Chowder House
Known For: Being perfect —the perfect son, the perfect brother, the perfect fianc√©, saves lives
Significant Other: Devon Grant
Role In Wedding: Groom

Greta Brewster
Heroine, Bolted
Age: 27
Hair: Short reddish brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Pastry Chef
Favorite Place in PH: Barney’s Chowder House
Known For: The family screw-up, with several impulsive disasters in her past
Significant Other: Hank Mitchell
Role In Wedding: Matron of Honor

Hank Mitchell
Hero, Bolted
Age: 32
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Archaeologist
Favorite Place in PH: He’s only been to one—Barney’s Chowder House
Known For: His easygoing manner and his Wampanoag dig
Significant Other: Greta Brewster
Role In Wedding: None

Jackson Knight
Hero, Busted
Age: 30
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Former NHL hockey player, currently unemployed
Favorite Place in PH: Anywhere but the rink 
Known For: Causing trouble on and off the ice
Significant Other: Hayley Stone
Role in Wedding: Best Man

Hayley Stone
Heroine, Busted
Age: 30
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Occupation: Police Detective
Favorite Place in PH: Grandfather’s house on the lake
Known For: Her trouble-making teenage years with Gavin Montgomery, which may or may not have included the high school mascot costume
Significant Other: Jackson Knight
Role in Wedding: Guest

Allison (Allie) Ralston
Heroine, Hitched
Age: 28
Hair: Long, blond
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: First grade teacher
Favorite Place in PH: in front of a group of people leading a committee or fundraiser of any kind
Known For: Taking care of everyone and everything
Significant Other: Gavin Montgomery
Role In Wedding: Bride

Gavin Montgomery
Hero, Hitched
Age: 28
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Veterinarian
Favorite Place in PH: the lake behind Hayley's grandfather's house
Known For: Being a trouble-maker, linked to a few “unfortunate” events involving the high school principal’s car
Significant Other: Allie Ralston
Role In Wedding: Bride-thief

Sophie Brewster
Jilted, Bolted, Busted, Hitched
Age: 53
Hair: Brown going to gray
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Retired teacher. Owner of Brewster Landscaping 
Related to:  Josh and Greta’s mother
Known for: Fussing, being overly dramatic about most things

Owen Ralston
Jilted, Bolted, Busted, Hitched
Age: 53
Hair: Dark blond, fading to gray
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Works for Brewster Landscaping
Related to: Allie’s father
Known For: Being sweet, but very forgetful since the motorcycle accident

Doug Grant
Age: 49
Hair: Dark brown with hints of gray
Eyes: Crystal blue
Occupation: Owner and proprietor of Grant’s Charters, offering fishing excursions
Related to: Devon Grant
Known For: Chin up, stiff upper lip, raising his daughter all on his own, and amazing fishing knowledge
Significant Other: Susan

Susan Henderson
Age: 48
Hair: Short blonde hair
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Social worker
Known For: Her seafood lasagna and her compassion and caring
Significant Other: Doug Grant

Alice Dubrovnik
Age: Nobody’s business but hers!
Hair: Steel gray
Eyes: Black
Occupation: Owner and proprietor of the Hotel Grand, Tompkins Corners, MA
Related to: Nadia and Hyacinth Dubrovnik; landlady to Hank and Greta
Known For: Taking no crap from anyone

Nadia Dubrovnik
Age: A lady never tells
Hair: Suspiciously black
Eyes: Dark
Occupation: Manufacturer of herbal creams and lotions
Related to: Alice's sister
Known For: The romantic to Alice's realist

Hyacinth Dubrovnik
Age: 9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Magnified brown behind her glasses
Occupation: Budding naturalist
Related to: Alice's granddaughter
Known For: Her devotion to her turtle, Carolina

Ryan McBain
Age: 30
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Bond trader (currently on leave)
Related to: Greta’s ex-husband
Known For: Being clueless

Bernice Cabot
Bolted, , Busted, Hitched
Age: 28
Hair: Peroxide blonde
Eyes: Greenish
Occupation: Real estate agent
Known For: Gossiping and meddling
Role in Wedding: Bridesmaid

Matt Stone
Age: 30
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Light blue-gray
Occupation: Owner of Stone’s Sports Bar
Related to: Hayley Stone (brother)
Known For: Being a flirt and always listening when someone needs to talk

Mitch Stone
Age: Too damn old to care
Hair: Short and gray
Eyes: Light blue-gray
Occupation: Hockey coach and original owner of Stone’s Sports Bar
Related To: Grandfather to Hayley and Matt Stone
Known For: Coaching Jackson Knight

Lydia Chambers
Age: 22
Hair: short, black with red streaks
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Housekeeper and secretary for Gavin’s veterinary practice, still trying to figure out her life
Related to: Nobody here—ran away from home, developing a huge crush on Allie’s brother Charlie
Known For: Telling everyone exactly what she thinks

Charlie Ralston
Age: 25
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Various, job-hops a lot, trying to get his act together
Related to: Allie—her younger brother
Known For: Not sticking with anything for long
Role in Wedding:  Groomsman

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