Visit the sites below for bonus excerpts, interviews and loads of behind the scenes info on how we came up with the series. And don't forget to enter the contests at our awesome blog hosts!

18th Ex Libris with Kelly
19th USA Today HEA with Kelly
19th Under the Covers with Kelly 
19th Smutketeers  The Promise Harbor Herald Sunday Morning Addition (all the gossip about the wedding!)
19th My Secret Romance with Kelly
21st Fiction Vixen  Interview with the four authors
21st The Book Tart 
25th Ms. Romantic Reads with Kelly 
29th Delighted Reader with Kelly
30th Ex Libris with Erin:  The Bride's wedding day checklist


2nd USA Today HEA with Meg
3rd   Under the Covers with Meg
5th   My Secret Romance with Meg 
8th   Ms. Romantic Reads with Meg
8th Smexy Books  Things NOT to do at a Wedding
11th The Smutty Kitty  How we wrote the series... from titles to the town
12th Day Dreaming Book Reviews
16th USA Today HEA with Sydney
16th Under the Covers with Sydney
17th Delighted Reader with Meg
18th My Secret Romance with Sydney
19th Ms. Romantic Reads with Sydney
23rd Delighted Reader with Sydney
26th Ex Libris with Sydney
29th Ms. Romantic Reads with Erin
30th USA Today HEA with Erin
30th Delighted Reader with Erin
30th Under the Covers with Erin
30th Mari Carr blog with Erin
30th Guilty Pleasures Interview with all four authors
30th  Book Lovers Inc. with Erin


2nd My Secret Romance with Erin
5th  Scorching Book Reviews
6th  Day Dreaming Book Reviews  

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