Promise Harbor - 

Barney's Chowder House – Check out our world famous chowders – clam chowder using New England razor clams, seafood chowder and corn and crab chowder. We also have the best burgers in town including the hickory burger served with hand cut fries.

Stone’s Sports Bar – Whether you’re looking for a cold beer after a hard day’s work, a place to socialize with friends on a Friday night or the best seat in the house to watch the game, Stone’s is the perfect place to unwind. 

Photograph by Terry Ballard 
Grant's Charters – Located in the Promise Harbor Marina, Captain Doug Grant has owned and operated Grant's Charters for over twenty-five years. His experience and depth of knowledge guarantee a safe, productive and fun trip. We provide all rods, reels, bait and tackle. June is the start of summer fishing season when the Striped Bass, Blue Fish and Fluke move to the shoals of Greenbush Island. June fishing season yields excellent results because of the wide variety of bait available including sand eels, squid, butter fish, scup, and herring. At this time of year there are lots of Bass and Blues and they're super hungry from their northerly migration. June has some of our best Bass and Blue action.

Sunset Bluff – Located at the edge of town, this scenic destination attracts thousands of tourists each summer to the trails and cliffs overlooking the ocean. Also a popular make-out spot for locals.

Promise Harbor Memorial Arena – Home to the Promise Harbor Hawks hockey team. Open to tourists looking for sports memorabilia related to local hockey star, Jackson Knight. 

Photo by John Phelan
Tompkins Corners – Thirty minutes northwest from Promise Harbor, the town of Tompkins Corners boasts Tompkins Lake State Park and the Hotel Grand.

Hotel Grand – Once the pride of Tompkins Corners, the Hotel Grand has fallen on hard times recently. Owner Alice Dubrovnik is determined to bring the Grand back to its former glory. Luscious breakfast pastry courtesy of the hotel’s new chef, Greta Brewster.

Tompkins Lake – Massachusetts State Park and popular picnic spot for the residents of Tompkins Corners. After dark, a great place for a little romance (just ask Greta and Hank).

File:Edgartown Harbor Light with rising full moon.jpg
Photo by William Waterway

Greenbush Island -  not as well known as the Vineyard or Nantucket, but becoming a fashionable destination for well-to-do tourists. The beaches  are pristine and serene, with some protected local plant species. The two small towns on the island are home to quaint shops and galleries, and a number of luxury hotels and inns, recently  built to take advantage of the growing tourism. The Oceanside Inn is a particularly lovely destination for family or for that special romantic occasion - the honeymoon package is delightful.


Bend, Alaska- 

A tiny town settled in the early 1900s at the foot of Mount McKinley, Bend sits “where the river bends” approximately three hours from Anchorage and five hours from Fairbanks.  This tight-knit community of 862 salt-of-the-earth people, attracts tourists interested in true outdoor adventure, offering everything from mountain climbing to dog sledding to fishing.  

Denali Veterinary Clinic - Bend’s only veterinary practice. Owner, Gavin Montgomery DVM, assisted by Veterinary Assistant Nancy Steirs. We care for all animals from cats to cattle. We specialize in horses and sled dogs, keeping the mushing teams in top shape for work and competition. Dr. Montgomery is also a well-known wildlife researcher, working with the polar bear population in Alaska with the US Geologic Survey.  

Photo by Alan D. Wilson
Click here for more information about the polar bear project: 

Denali Adventures Climbing School - From beginners to experts, DACS can help you learn the basics or plan for the big climb. We offer top of the line climbing and camping equipment, guided climbs and over thirty years of experience. Sign up for four classes now and get four more at half price! Call today!
The Hub - The most popular gathering spot in Bend for locals and adventurous visitors, you’ll find the best burgers and beer at The Hub.  Join in our monthly dart tournament, gather around the big screen for the game or just sit and B.S. with the best story-tellers in the great northwest.  However you kick back, you can do it at The Hub.

Major’s Charter Flights - Flying out of Bend’s own airport, with over forty years of experience, Major Charter Flights will get you where you need to go.  Whether it’s within the great state of Alaska or to visit more ordinary locales, Major Charter Flights should be your first—and only—call.

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